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Delridge Legal Software, Inc
The Fastest, Easiest, Most Up-to-Date Legal Forms Available

Delridge Legal Software, formerly known as "Legal Software" has been providing computer generated forms for the legal community since 1990. We value quality over quantity and strive to make our forms convenient, easy to use and affordable. Our forms are created in a way that enables you to input your information easily and effectively. Superior formatting makes them easy to use. They perform math functions for you where necessary. Many forms and groups of forms fill in redundant information, in some cases across an array of many forms saving you precious time! All you need to do is fill in the forms (tab from space to space) Save and print them on plain paper. Courts have often complimented the attorney on the professional appearance and we receive many compliments on how our clients love our forms!

Many people appreciate the functionality and familiarity of MS Word & WordPerfect. Word & WordPerfect also integrate well with many popular Office Management and document management software such as Perfect Law, Hot Docs as well as others. For this reason customers have told us that our forms are paramount to what they do! We offer the individual forms on this site in MS Word. We also have the entire packages - Court, Probate etc - in Word & WordPerfect as self-extracting zip files (.exe).

Our forms are used by courts, major law firms, sole practitioners, and various corporations and businesses as well as individuals. We strive to be the premier forms source for the communities we serve and are always looking to expand and improve!

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns that will help us help make your job and or this site easier!

Delridge Legal Software, Inc